For a profound and offbeat experience of the South

Albeli is made up of several uniquely superior venues scattered around the South of Italy, between the regions of Campania and Puglia. It finds new ways to explore the southern part of the Peninsula. Albeli is a translational multidisciplinary project which takes inspiration from a rigorous study of the past whilst leading this knowledge to present and future creations. The central theme is the relationship between human wellness and nature, created in fields such as architecture, design, art, craftsmanship, hospitality and food. As well as offering you beautiful scenery, Albeli presents a profound and alternative experience of the South, nourished by active collaborations with designers and artists – who are resident - and renowned institutions. The soul behind the Albeli project is the Norwegian architect KRISTINE STANDNES who is based in Italy with her family. After many years of research and planning, Albeli was finally established in 2014 as a successful mix of Italian landscape, design and history with a Norwegian concept, management and strategy.